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Rocky Kennedy

This year we have added what we call a flex period to our school day. The intent of the flex period is to help students stay caught up on their classwork. The flex time can be used to help students catch up on work from when they are absent from school. It can also be used for a student that is struggling in a particular subject to get some individualized instruction. We also have many students taking concurrent enrollment classes for college. These concurrent enrollment students can use the flex period to get help on their college courses. Many students are involved in extra-curricular activities. These students can use the flex period to get their homework done before leaving school. We would like for the flex period to be a proactive approach to helping our students succeed.

During the flex period students that are struggling do not have a choice of classes to attend. Teachers, with struggling students, will assign these students to attend their class during the flex period. Students that are not struggling will have a choice of classes to attend. They can attend any class that they choose; however, they will have to have something educational to work on during the entire flex period. Flex period is just like any other class. Students will be expected to be on time and be prepared to when they arrive in class.

Rocky Kennedy

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