Back to School

Dear Yale Community Members,

August 13, the start to the 20-21 school year, is rapidly approaching. The principals have put together an informational letter concerning the registration process. You can find that letter on our school website under “News”, school app, or official Facebook page. As we navigate the new school year and it’s uncharted territory, we must be patient and respectful of one another for the safety and education of our students. 

On the first day of school, the buses will run and school will begin as “normal” as possible. Parents/Guardians, we are going to provide a few different options when it comes to how your student can receive their education from Yale Public Schools:


  1. Traditional, brick-and-mortar schools, student-in-classroom education;

  2. Online instruction where the student remains at home and YPS provides the content through Edmentum;

    1. If you are considering this option, you need to contact the HS or Elem. principal for further information so you can begin the process.

  3. Blended instruction where students come to traditional school most days, but may need to attend online classes from time-to-time for health related issues. 

    1. For example, when a student has a fever and needs to remain home for a short period of time.

    2. Students who use this option and complete assignments will be considered “in attendance.”

Attendance is incredibly important for student success in education. However, this school year attendance is going to look different than it has in the past. We want to allow students who want to come to school the opportunity to do so.  On the other hand, we want to allow students who feel they should remain home to have the opportunity to continue their education as Yale Bulldogs. By allowing students options, we hope to continue growing the students and community of Yale. 

Yale Public Schools will run route buses in the morning and the evening as we have in the past.  We would like to encourage parents/guardians to drop off and pick up students if possible. 

Please be respectful of the option your neighbors choose. We cannot possibly know another family's reasons or needs for its decision. No one option works for the entire community, but no matter what we must work together, respect one another, and come together as a community for the safety and education of our children. 

As a parent/guardian preparing students for school this fall, we want to provide you with all the information available so you can make the best plans possible for you and your family. Therefore, in the following weeks we will release our detailed “Return to School” plan which should answer many of the detailed questions you have. We would share this sooner; however the government regulations on schools for the 20-21 school year are changing daily, and we do not want to share a plan that would ultimately be outdated in mere moments.  We appreciate your patience and support as we work to serve our community and educate our students. 


Dale Bledsoe

Superintendent, Yale Public Schools